Have partnered together allowing you to save on your electric bill,

 while at the same time providing an ongoing contribution back to 

the Gregory-Leon Hand to Man Foundation on your behalf.

GLHTM & Starion Energy "FREE TO GIVE" Fundraiser
GLHTM is on a Major mission to raise 1 MILLION Dollars to build the 1st known transitional housing and resources facility for Homeless Men and families. To achieve  this ambitious goal, GLHTM has team up with the leaders in Energy Deregulation in a FREE TO GIVE campaign; Starion Energy. 

This FREE and Unique fundraising opportunity help you save monwy on your monthly electric bill, takes just minutes to do and cost YOU NOTHING.

This campaign is in effect NOW! 

SIGN UP TODAY!  See below to LEARN, and SAVE MORE!

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" The Gift that Keeps on Giving"